#NCTE17 Here I Come!

Here's a little throw-back to last year's NCTE conference in Atlanta -  #NCTE16  It was an amazing experience of solidarity.  There I was among the nation's leading voices in ELA education, soaking in their ideas and energy, feeling empowered like I never had before.

And, now, in just 2 1/2 hours, I'm on my way again, this time to present with my friend Jess Giah about the importance of diversity and globalization in classrooms.  How do we celebrate our differences and find our connected humanity?  Then on Sunday, many of us who got Book Love grants will gather with Penny Kittle and talk about books in classrooms.  I am elated to get to spend time with these fellow Book Lovers! 

If you're in St. Louis this weekend and you see me looking lost and dazed, or perhaps like a fourteen-year-old at a rock concert with her favorite band, please pull me aside and say hi.  Connecting with my tribe in real life will be the best part of the whole conference!

Happy Thursday!


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