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A Guiltless Sunday Afternoon: 100 Minutes Well Spent

It's Sunday afternoon at 4:55pm.  I have not opened my lesson plan book yet.  I do not have penciled-in versions of my week neatly laid out and ready to go.  This is not how I usually operate, and this is not how I feel when I break all my rules.  Usually, panic, guilt and anxiety would be setting in.  My head would be full of reproachful comments, "What are you doing?  Why have you wasted a whole Sunday afternoon?  You are SO going to regret this!"  Teacher-guilt mode in full-on action.

But this afternoon I sat down on the couch (ask my kids, I never do this) to fold laundry and decided to watch Ava DuVernay's documentary 13th on Netflix.  I thought I'd sit for about 20 minutes, watch a little bit, and then get to lesson planing (ask my kids, I always do this on Sundays).

But for 100 minutes I did not move.  Did. Not. Move.

I sat riveted to the screen for the entire documentary.  I cannot tell you all the things I learned from 13th.  I cannot tell you how rele…