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Project LIT Battle: A Day with Tiffany Jackson

Our V.I.P. Party with author Tiffany Jackson was coming to an end.  Empty lemonade cups, red paper plates littered with cookie crumbs, and crumpled polka dot napkins lay forgotten on the bright blue, green, yellow and red table cloths. The room had settled into a quiet hum as Tiffany talked and laughed with small groups of kids, signed copies of Allegedly and Monday's Not Coming, and posed for photos.

One of my freshmen boys sauntered over, flipping back his carefully-combed brown hair.  "I didn't actually know book parties could be fun," he said.

The day had exceeded my expectations.  After some behavior problems in an assembly earlier in the week and a last minute change of students announcers, I held my breath as Tiffany took the stage in our Performing Arts Center.  But two sentences in, Tiffany Jackson had the whole audience under her spell. She introduced herself and went on to describe the research she did for Allegedly, all the interviews, and the eighteen draf…